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Hard to get a job as Trainee Engineer or Deck Cadet on ship?

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Shipping companies for fresh 4th engineers and 3rd officers !!

Hello there !

Are you a fresh watch keeping engineer or deck officer ? Don't you have a company to join back after clearing class 4 or second mate ?
I have made a list of over 100 shipping companies (both for main fleet and offshore) along with their email ids that you can send your resume on. You may get a job if you are lucky !!  Please find the link with the list below :
( Skip the advertisement to view the list )

Email ids of 100 Shipping Companies (Main Fleet) to Apply for a Job
Email ids of 50 Shipping Companies (Offshore) to Apply for a Job

Wow! 100 companies? Still not getting a call from a single company? You gotta give a try in offshore too.  Is it easy to get a job in offshore, is there any way ?Well, I would say "easier than finding a job on main fleet". There are so many vessels in Indian waters under ONGC and British Gas charter. But the fact is that only about 30% of India’s offshore vessel needs are supplied by Indian shipowners such as Shipping Corp. of India Lt…

How to join offshore as 4th Engineer or 3rd Officer ?

Hello there !
Many guys have been asking me how to get into offshore as they are struggling to find a job opening on main fleet vessels. If you are one of those guys, you will get a clear-cut idea after reading this post.Below, I have attached the contacts of 50 offshore companies where you can apply for a job online ( You might have to skip some advertisements while you download the list of companies ). Before sending your application, please read the full article to get some tips.
Email ids of 50 Shipping Companies (Offshore)
The address of these companies has been attached below, in case if you would take an effort to visit their company offices in Mumbai to drop your resume. 
Address of Offshore Companies in India Certifications and documents required for offshoreThere are not many extra certificates or documents needed. But following are some mandatory and optional certificates you should be having before you join the vessel. BOSIET( Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training )…

Are you a fresh 4th Engineer or 3rd Officer ? Here are few ways to boost the chance of getting a job

Hello friends !
Are you a Fourth Engineer/ Third Officer who has just cleared your MEO class IV/ Second Mate ? or are you somebody who has been  looking for a vacancy for long time after passing your examination? If yes, here are some tricks that may help you to get a job.
Everybody who works in shipping knows that it has been hard to get a job after class 4 or second mate exam in India. Joining as 4th engineer/ 3rd officer directly after passing the examination is almost impossible. I can hardly find any company that recruits them as watch keeping officer in the first contract. They send them as assistant 4th engineer or junior engineer instead ( junior/ assistant third officer in case of deck department). Companies have capitalized the situation very well, I should say.
Do you ever get a reply to your e-mail that you send ? The answer would be 'No'. Even if you get one, that would be an auto-reply which says ' Well received your CV. We will revert back once we have suitable…